Why do you need to keep contact information up-to-date after buying a domain name ?

Why do you need to keep contact information up-to-date after buying a domain name ?

Did you get an email reminder from the registrar at some point in the past year, reminding you to review and update contact information? You must have. This reminder might be long and contain a lot of information, but it is important that you do not ignore it. It requires action on your part to review the contact information associated with your domain name and make corrections if necessary. It is important that you keep your contact information updated for several reasons.

When your domain name registration is about to expire, the registrar must notify you. This is usually done via email. If Amin cannot reach you because your contact information is not up-to-date then your domain name registration will expire, and it may take a long time and expense to recover it, or it may not be recoverable at all.

Another important reason to keep your contact information up to date is to ensure that you receive notifications from the registrar when changes are made to your domain name registration. These notices are for your protection, so that you can verify and confirm the correctness of the changes made, or take appropriate measures in the event of unauthorized changes. Invalid actors can use malicious means to gain access to your account and make changes to the information associated with domain name registration to lock your account from your account and hijack your domain name. It is vital that you keep subscriber contact information updated to register your domain name to protect yourself or your business.
What might happen if the contact information for your domain is not up-to-date

If you provide wrong information about the purpose, or do not update your information immediately if there is a change, your registrar can suspend or even cancel your domain name registration. This may also happen if you do not respond to the registrar’s inquiries if they contact you about the accuracy of your contact information.
How to make sure that the contact information for your domain is up-to-date

If any of your contact information has changed (email, postal address, phone number, etc.), contact the registrar to update your information. The annual reminder that you receive from your registrar is a requirement under the ICANN WHOIS Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) policy, but don’t wait for that reminder. In the event of a change, it is important that you update your contact information as soon as possible to prevent disruption or loss of your domain name registration. ICANN is unable to update contact information for you; You must contact your registrar to do this.

Given the prevalence of security concerns such as phishing and fraud attacks, if you have any doubts or questions about the legality of emails about your WHOIS data, you can always contact your registrar directly. If you believe you have not received reminder emails from the registrar, you may contact ICANN at: compliance@icann.org.

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