What are the best domain extensions in the world?

What are the best domain extensions in the world?

Every website needs a domain in order for users from countries to be able to access the site and enjoy its services, and every company, institution or particular entity that wants to build its own website must first start choosing the domain in which its site will be available because any domain available today may not be available tomorrow and the presence of A suitable name for the company or organization is very important and should be bought directly, so let’s get to know the best domains in the world to make it easier for website owners.
The best domains in the world

Domain selection is closely related to the task that the site will perform, as domains differ between commercial companies, international and local organizations, and government or educational sites, and each of them has what it suits him, including:

Domain extension .com

One of the best domain extensions in the world and it is the most popular domain among all domains, com is an abbreviation for Commercial, which is a commercial domain, and it is the appropriate domain for companies and businesses of all kinds, as it is the option that everyone writes by default, so it is considered a marketing tool in addition to being the best.

Domain extension .org

It is the extension designated for non-profit organizations of all kinds, whether humanitarian, volunteer, professional or otherwise, and its presence increases the credibility of sites in general and indicates that the general feature of the site is non-profit.

Domain extension .net

One of the best domain extensions in the world where the name of this extension was associated in its early days with sites interested in servers and service auctions, but this expanded to include various technical sites, as it is generally of a technical nature, mostly because Net means network, which led to the name being associated with the concept of networks, computers and technologies 2

Domain extension .me

A personal domain extension to a large extent suitable for personal blogs, and although it is relatively new compared to the domain extension .com domain, it occupies a good place among the domains and can be used in a smart way to be memorable, such as using it in places where the user should contact or interact with the site such as join.me and call.me and others, the domain itself may be part of the branding so it should remain on the main list of domains, in addition to being more available than the .com or .net domain because it is relatively new.

There are also domain extensions such as:


Some sites can use the domain of a country, such as sites directed to a specific segment within a certain country or sites of a national character that do not interest users outside this country, and then the site uses a domain such as:

sy for Syria.
UK for United Kingdom.
ae for Emirates.
cn for China.

Others, which are usually more expensive than other domains.
Best domain name selling sites in the world:

There are many sites that allow those wishing to build a website to test the name of this site, and the name of the site here indicates the word google.com on Google, for example, so the site administrator must choose one of the famous sites to test the name and buy the appropriate domain from among the best domains in the world Once found available, from these sites:


A leading company in the domain name market, where statistics refer to more than 54 million domain names within their package, and this means that they own more than 16% of the market share in this field, and this company is accredited by ICANN and works all over the world, providing Offers for traditional domain names as well as for all of the country-specific domain names, and it also holds auctions to buy and sell different domain names that have been sold to other people.

Domain prices when purchased with GoDaddy are as follows:

The .com domain is at $ 11.99 and offers the first year at $ 0.99.
The .net domain is $ 11.99.
Org domain is $ 7.99.
The .co domain is $ 11.99.
The .xyz domain is $ 0.99.
The .club domain is priced at $ 9.99. 3


One of the most famous sites for buying domain names and it belongs to EIG, and it has a history of more than 20 years. It provides a long list of the best domains in the world and it is suitable for small and medium companies, it offers medium prices with discounts of up to 25 per cent, and its prices start from about $ 2.99 in the first year, it also allows payment for privacy in reasonable numbers, around $ 8.99, and it provides many services that help website owners, such as ready-made templates, website building tools in simple ways, and tools to improve appearance in search engines, in addition to paying by Paypal.

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