The difference between a free and a paid domain name

The difference between a free and a paid domain name

When I booked my first domain name on the Internet, it was about 7 years ago, at which time I knew very little about the domain name.

During these seven years I learned a lot and a lot, on the one hand I read a lot of articles and chapters in books about the domain or domain name, and on the other hand, I learned a lot through managing the domain names that I own.

In this article, I will include the most important aspects and points of a domain name.

Today you will literally know everything you need about Domain Name.

Domain reservation is very simple in practice, but it means a lot strategically for your site.

The process of owning a domain name is a simple step like booking hosting, and it comes at a very advanced stage for you as a website owner, but it also means a lot in the long run.
A domain name is an important element that has a huge impact on the success of your site.

What is a domain name ?

Domain name: – means in English, Domain Name, which represents the address of each website on the Internet.
It is a unique and unique address for each site.
This is very similar to your home address.

The domain name differs from hosting, as the hosting is the home that contains the site files. As for the domain name, it is the address from which you can reach the house to see what’s inside.

URL anatomy –

1- Each domain name must be preceded by these letters (http or https), which is an abbreviation of the term:
(Hypertext Transfer Protocol), literally meaning the transport protocol of Link Text (which gives written text the link characteristic of moving from place to place on the Internet).

What differs in the case of the last S letter (https) is that the site has a special security system to transfer data and information between the user and the server. No other person is allowed access to this information.

Therefore, internet users trust more HTTPS websites, especially when paying.
In order to make your site on the https protocol, you must purchase a certificate called an SSL certificate from the hosting you work with.

2- There are three letters that precede a domain name and they are www. It is the acronym “World Wide Web”, which means the World Wide Web.

3- Then comes the domain name, which you can choose yourself according to what is available for registration.

4- Each domain name also must have its own extension at the end, such as .com .org .net .info… .. etc.
Finally, your domain name will look like

5- Every page or folder inside your site must be preceded by a slash in the link like this / if there is a folder inside your site called moon.
The link will look like this

The difference between a free and a paid domain name :

The shape of the domain name that your site will look like depends on the hosting that you previously selected.
Whereas, in the event that you create your own website or blog on one of the free blogging services such as WordPress.

In this case, you will not have a direct domain name, but these services will give you a sub domain that falls under their domain name.

If you have already chosen to host your site on one of the paid web hosting companies.
In this case, you need to purchase a domain name and link it to your hosting.

Most of the sites that provide hosting service have a special section for purchasing domain names.

In many hosts, the domain is linked to the hosting automatically.
(This is in case you purchased the domain name through the same hosting company and from the same account).
The most important site for buying a domain name
The most important services and tools for proposing a domain name

Domains Bot

Now we will move to a very important point, which is how to choose a good domain name.
Many think that this task is easy and simple, so what you have to do is go to a domain store, choose a domain name, pay, and the task is done.

In fact, in practice, these are actually the steps that you have to take, so anyone who owns a payment method (such as a credit card) can easily buy a domain name.

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