How to create a good impression for your project site

How to create a good impression for your project site

Building a strong name for your project website is one of the fundamental things for its success, because it is your site that will make a difference in terms of credibility in the eyes of any new browser or potential customer that may enter it. The first step for that is to choose an attractive design for your site to be your outstanding marketing tool, highlighting that you have invested sufficient time and resources in the home page that was built with care and mastery, and did not adopt ready-made templates or visual identity. In this article, I will discuss several important matters from “Business News Daily”, which consulted with a number of experts on the same subject to find out the most important factors that raise or reduce the website of any emerging project.

First of all .. Why exactly “design”?

According to a recent study at the American University of Missouri Science and Technology: “It takes only 2.6 seconds for the eye to focus on a specific thing, after which it takes an idea of ​​it during the download process, which leads us to the need to develop a distinctive design.”

Expert Adriana Marin says:

“People form feelings about your company based on the experiences you have with your brand.”

Adriana continues: “A carefully designed logo and website inspires confidence, because that is an indication of professionalism. So if the company wants to focus on developing a clear and easy-to-use design, then that will be an indication that the use of their products may be similar.

Expert and CEO, T & Rudd, says: “A great design not only reflects the message your company carries, it is a technical reflection of it.”

An example is Apple’s unique design, which clearly distinguished itself from its competitors in the 1980s and 1990s, when design was often something that was not fundamental and did not hold the priority for many of the major technology companies. Whereas, it was Apple, along with many other companies, that added this sense to the customer that he now senses before anything else.

Make your design simple

Your homepage should reflect the style of your company and provide important information about it, making it easier for people to understand the products or services that your business offers.

Christina Covello, director of a major company in the “User Experience” section, says: “Determine what is the most important information on your home page that you want to communicate to people, then make it clear in your page as crystal clear as it is easy to access.

For example, Covello suggests adding a Buy button on the homepage as a call to action. Whatever phrase you want the browser to perform an action, you have to attract your audience to your services and products through it.

Likewise, your design should give priority to simplicity, in addition to being clear and concise with regard to your information, so that through your design your own vision that suggests and feels the browser through it was created for it. In this way, your focus on the Internet is on communicating your name and reaching your audience at the same time in an efficient, clear and easy-to-navigate way.

Attractiveness and visual aesthetics

You may have an epic story to tell about your project and your team, but nobody wants to read your “Who We Are” page or even go to any of your social media pages if you don’t immediately entice your audience. But how do you achieve this ??
“A strong visual identity will help you get noticed very quickly,” says Cole Sliten, Creative Director at a digital branding agency.

As he continues on the same topic: “The picture can convey the most complex messages, quickly and briefly, that makes you remain in the memory.”

For this reason, Marin noted that creating eye-catching images is the key to establishing your brand. She said that the images you use should be relevant to your brand and engage your target audience, and if these topics are still blurry for you, just try to keep things straightforward and simple.

Finally … Important design steps in the business world

According to Sliten: When you think about what your brand should look like on the Internet, it is important to keep the idea you want to communicate, but without repetition. The best brands seem to have multiple personalities with more than just drawings. Think about the unique qualities of your business that could attractively represent your brand, then let those qualities be reflected in your logo, website, Instagram posts, and even storefront, packaging and customer service.

In addition, “Al Woud” advises that you answer the most in-depth questions about your company before creating any images, as defining your company’s personality and what it aims to help spread your project further. After answering these questions, start by designing visualizations that naturally align with these traits and values.

“The shiny boxes are meant to convey the idea that there are fun experiences and rewards,” said Wallood. As such, our brand has made a sense of positivity and power through our use of vivid color, illustration and photography. ”

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