How to Come Up With a Business Name

How to Come Up With a Business Name

You are about to start a business, so you must have thought a lot about choosing a suitable name for it; As choosing a project name is an important step in the business planning process, and it comes directly after determining the type of business activity and its legal form.

Some people may think that the process of choosing the name of the project is easy and you only need a few letters or a word or two to represent the name of your project, but the process is difficult and very important, and it may take your time several hours or several weeks, so the name of your business is an important part of the business identity Which you intend to work with, an effective advertising tool, and also can help your customers understand what you do, as well as the markets you are targeting.

Not only is it necessary to choose a name that reflects your brand identity, taking into account the distinctiveness of the name from other projects, and that the name corresponds to the nature of the activity and the legal form, but you also need to ensure that it is properly registered and protected in the long term. You should also give thought to whether or not it will be available on the Internet as a domain name.

Many new projects do not pay enough attention to the names that they choose, and they depend heavily on emotions, and therefore they are later changed to more meaningful names, which wastes time, effort and money that you have spent in publishing those names that have been changed, so if you cannot choose the brand name Correctly, and according to the correct rules, this name may be a reason for the failure of your project, a reason for slow marketing, or a delay in your product reaching the target segment as required by this product.

You must bear in mind when choosing the name of your emerging project, the five letters RIPPS, which summarize the most important conditions to be taken into account in this regard, which are as follows: –

Remember:  The name is easy to remember.
Image: That the image is the name or its appearance and form attached to the mind.
Pronounce: The name should be easy to pronounce, without any confusion.
Protection: The name must be protected, that is, difficult to imitate, distinct and not repeated or used before.
Short: The name should be short, short, and clear. Short names are easy to remember.

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