How to choose your brand name smartly

How to choose your brand name smartly

Why is a brand name important? A brand name is especially important to the success of a small business. The right name makes your company modern.

People, while an inappropriate name may make your company vague or even a failure. The name is ideal if it indicates the value and uniqueness of the product or service provided by your company.

Some experts believe that the best brand names are abstract names, a blank canvas that enables the user to make an impression on the company, while there are others who believe

Trade names must be clear and reflect enough information about the company so that customers can know directly what your project is.

Others believe that new brand names (which are formulated from one or two words) can be remembered more than other words, but some believe that these names are quickly forgotten.

In fact, any brand can make an impact if supported by a proper marketing strategy. Here are tips that you must consider to make your project happen :

Ask for help from an expert to get started

The process of creating a good project name can be a difficult process, and you may need to consult an expert, especially if you are in an area where your business name may affect

The success of your project, as companies specialized in brand names have formulated systems to create new names and they know the intricacies of trademark laws.

They warn you not to pick bad names and explain why other names might be good.

The downside at this point is the cost. Professional companies specialized in creating brand names may cost you $ 80,000 to create a brand name.

According to Laurel Sutton, president of Catchword Brand Name Development, the price usually includes business identity and graphic design as part

From the group price. Labeling services costing less than $ 50 exist, but spend a reasonable amount of money to get advice from

Quality experts early may save you money in the long run.

What does the name contain?

First you need to decide what you want your brand name to convey to people, and it should reinforce the basic elements of your project, and it will help you highlight those elements.

Your effort in choosing the right logo and the message that your project represents.

Whenever the name of your project clarifies to customers what it is, you save yourself the effort to try to explain it to them, and according to the experts of trade names, businessmen should

They give priority to realistic words or compound words over invented words. People prefer words that they feel attached to and understand.

This is why professional brand name experts around the world agree that putting together a set of numbers or initials is a bad choice.

On the other hand, it is possible for the trade name to have a very clear meaning, as one of the common names that may get you in trouble is geographical or generic names,

A hypothetical example of this is “San Pablo Drives”. What if the company wanted to expand its business outside of San Pablo (California)? And what it will mean

Is this name for consumers in Chicago or Pittsburgh? And what if the company wanted to diversify its products from disk drives to software?

Or educational computer manuals?

How is a brand name inclusive and meaningful? Descriptive names express something tangible to a project, such as what does the project offer? Where is it located? And so on,

While suggestive names are more abstract, they focus more on what the project is.

NameLab President Michael Barr said : “Created words may have more semantic meaning than original words.”

For example “Italia Tour” is a name created by a company specializing in brand names to encourage tourism trips to Italy, although it is not considered a name.

Realistically, however, the name carries a meaning, and consumers can directly know what is offered to them, and the best of this is that “Italia Tour” raises enthusiasm for travel abroad.


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