How stories are used to build brands

How stories are used to build brands

Why the company named Apple – Apple?

You will find many answers, and (a lot of stories), about naming the company, there are those who say that Steve Jobs entered his team, and they wanted to choose a name for the company, so he told them I will come back shortly, and if you do not find a name, we will call the company Apple ( Apple), and that was a joke, but he came back and the team had not found a suitable name so he decided to name the company really Apple!

There are many other stories about why the company was called this name, including that the name was given to Newton when an apple fell on his head and reached the law of gravity, and therefore the apple symbolizes innovation and creativity, and the reason for the spread of this story is the old Apple logo that shows a person sitting under a tree.
In general, what is almost certain about the Apple naming story is that Steve was in a diet period (vegetarian diet) and was returning from an apple farm, and suggested the name and found it interesting, entertaining and interesting, and this is what Steve Lawler Texon said when Walter wanted to write a biography of Steve Jobs – Steve Jobs Biography It is the same thing that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak repeated in the story of naming the brand, and he says that he and his partner – Steve Jobs – found the name strange, but it was much better than many names that came to their minds such as Matrix electronics and Executex.

But why doesn’t Apple come out to give the correct explanation for the secret of naming Apple? And why, until recently, there was ambiguity regarding the secret of calling Apple this strange name that is not related – completely – to anything related to technology and electronic devices.

Steve Jobs and the people at Apple have convinced the power of the story, the naming story, the logo story, the story of Steve Jobs and the migration of his family from Syria to America, the story of the separation of Steve Jobs from the company he founded and then his strong comeback again, the secret here in the story, the story is part of the mystery of the brand And his strength.

There are tons of Brands based on the story, including the story of the airmail courier who hired a private plane to deliver a package on time, a story that was part of Brand FedEx Shipping. Also, there is a story that Richard Branson tells, which is that a stewardess specially delivered a jacket – which is very expensive for the company – to a customer, where he forgot this coat at the airport, and this is a situation or story that tells and highlights the strength of Virgin’s customer service.

I read a lot about building commercial identities, and it is strange that what struck me is that there is almost no book in this field that talks about story as an essential component of building any strong brand.

I will now tell you about simple applications through which you can use the story to get the most benefit from this marketing technique.


1- The story to understand the mental location – Position

Sometimes you are confused about your mental position in the market, and mental position in short is your strongest characteristic that will make you distinct and different from the competitors.

My use of the story idea with marketing today was like this.

I imagined that there is a young man at the beginning of his career, who wants to specialize in the field of marketing, but he is confused, and whenever he enters a page or site in marketing he finds the information presented in a very superficial way, or he presents marketing as creative ads, and of course because creative striking ads are only part of Marketing, but it does not help you to go deeper and understand the field greatly, these sites and pages were not useful to him, until he visited the marketing site today and read an article, then another, then he read a lot of articles until he got a great knowledge and understanding of marketing, helped him to be a specialist in the field, And he progresses easily, and his life improves financially and morally.

From this story, you can understand the problem of the market and the gap in it, and therefore in marketing today I focus on giving visitors real and practical information and advice based on my personal experience in the market or cases from within companies, and I have summarized the mental site in a promotional slogan which is (learn marketing).


2- The story to develop ads

You can use the story technique to develop strong ads, especially those ads in a way that shows a slice of the life of buyers – Slice of life ads, here you are telling the story of a buyer who was facing problems and difficulties and when he got to know the product, his needs were satisfied and his problem was solved, and thus this buyer reached a big case of Success / happiness / excellence … etc.


3- The story to convince new buyers

In the two previous cases, I speak of the story as an imagination, meaning that the brand developer imagines a story and then extracts a promotional slogan – Slogan / Tagline, name, logo, or arrives at the right mental site, or develops a promotional / advertising campaign.

But you can also use real stories from buyers, either the buyer volunteers and tells you a happy story he has about the product after using it, and this happens a lot when the buyer is very happy because of his use of your product or service, or you ask him to do so, and these stories are collected as success cases, you can Use them as recommendation from previous buyers to new buyers.

You can use these recommendations – Testimonials in a number of ways, you can put them in your brochures, your website, or mention them in their interviews with new buyers.

In short, the story is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use in selling, display and persuasion, marketing and promotion, and also to build the brand, and there are two types of stories. Either you imagine the story in order to use it to reach your mental site or formulate your words and promotional publications, or the story is real, so it is part of Your efforts to convince new customers


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