How do I choose a professional domain name?

How do I choose a professional domain name?

1. Brainstorm the 5 most important keywords for your website

When you start searching for a domain, it is recommended that you prepare the five most important keywords that express the domain that you are searching for, which in turn expresses your site that you intend to build.

Once you have this list, you can begin to search and make adjustments in these words, until you reach an available domain that expresses your site.

2. Make your site’s domain name unique

Obtaining a domain close to another domain for a well-known site is one of the most common mistakes that many make.
Always make sure to reserve a unique domain name that is not duplicated.

Never reserve a similar domain with another site. As if you reserve the plural name from a famous domain name, or reserve a domain with the same word, but it has an error with a letter, for example.

3.  Make sure to reserve the dot com domain name

If you are interested in getting visitors to your site, building a brand for your site, and making your visitors get a good impression through the domain.

If you are interested in these things you should only choose the dot com domain name.
Of course, you can buy the same domain with different extensions, such as. NET and and make a 301-way transfer to the domain name .com.

In fact, although there are now some large websites, dot net and dot organ, internet users still prefer the name dot com.
There are also many of them who believe that this is the only reliable and legitimate extension.

4.  Book a domain name that is easy to remember and write

There is a large percentage of searches through Google, whose goal is to reach a specific site by typing the domain in the search rectangle.

Of course, in this case the Internet user prefers, the domain name is easy to write and remember and can be accessed easily.
This is also in addition to the fact that there are a lot of visitors to your site who come through the transmission of news on the tongue between users.

For example, a site like Facebook, in a previous period, used to be transmitted between friends on the ground by mentioning the name of the site and its features.
The other one used to go to his house and did not have to write the word Facebook, either in Arabic or English, and reach the site.

5.  Make your site’s domain name as short as possible

This is a point related to the previous point, short domain is easy to remember and easy to write. The short domain has another great feature for search engines.

Search engines allow a certain number of characters to appear in search results. The shorter the main domain link, the greater the chance for more letters to appear for the internal page links.

6.  Choose a domain that expresses your site professionally

There is no better example than Facebook in this context. The word Facebook literally means a book of faces.
It actually expresses Facebook as a social networking site, containing accounts of people with personal photos of these people.

In fact, people by nature tend to make quick impressions with minimal information.
When you tell someone that you have a site, for example, called “seotips”, they will quickly get the impression that your content is about configuration in search engines.

7.  Avoid breaching the property rights of others

Make sure that the domain you choose for your site does not conflict with the property rights of one of the companies or other sites. This is a point that not only will harm your site, but it can destroy your business completely.

This article talks about how to avoid violating the property rights of others, you can refer to it before reserving the domain of your site.

8.  Avoid including numbers or signs in the domain name

Sometimes a lot you write the word that you want to get a domain with, for example seotips, and the domain is not available, so suggestions such as:

Avoid these suggestions because they never reflect a professional website. Domain professional site is what the conditions that we referred to previously apply to it.
This does not include that the domain contains numbers or symbols.

9.  There are billions of domains already reserved, so the task of reserving a professional domain will not be easy.

Finding a good one-word domain name has become a bit difficult. Therefore, you should think carefully about an innovative name and at the same time available.

You have to be flexible and patient in your choice until you reach the equation, which makes you get a distinctive domain name that expresses your site and from a single word, and above all that it be available.
Or you can use one of the services mentioned above to choose the domain name.
10- Another approach to choosing a domain name is called a brand.

There are opinions that say that choosing a domain name is from one word, even if it is not understood, and it is not fulfilled by the idea of ​​the site with something considered a way to create a trademark for the site.

For example, the word (Google) or (wix) does not mean anything, but it is the names of famous brands, and everyone knows them.

At the end of this article, we will address a set of questions related to domain name, and we will try to answer them simply and briefly.

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