Domain’s relationship to SEO and how it affects your site’s ranking

Domain’s relationship to SEO and how it affects your site’s ranking

Domain is the first factor that pays attention to the Google algorithm, which works to improve your site’s ranking in search engines. Or in other words, it is the first factor affecting the SEO of your website or blog. There are many factors that affect the ranking of your site, in this article we will suffice to explain the factors specific to the domain only.

What is SEO?

SEO, by definition, is search engine optimization, and it is the art and science of making web pages attractive to search engines. More specifically, SEO seeks to modify some of the known factors affecting the search engine to make certain pages more attractive to search engines than other webpages competing for the same keywords or keywords.

What is a domain?

Although the term domain is often used in conjunction with the “domain name”, it also contains a definition of local networks.

A domain contains a group of computers that can be accessed and managed with a common set of rules. For example, a company may require that all local computers be linked to the network within the same range so that each computer can be seen from other computers within range or from a central server. Setting the domain may also block external traffic from reaching computers on the network, adding an extra level of security.

Domain influence factors on your site’s ranking.

Age Domain

The Google algorithm used in ranking websites or SEO takes the time factor (the age of the current domain) into consideration, as the older ones are considered the most trusted than the least old. Matt Cutts, one of the former heads of departments at Google, says, “The difference between a 6-month-old domain and a one-year-old domain is not that big for Google,” which indicates that Google does not rely mainly on it, but it remains one of the influencing factors, even in a small way.

The presence of the keyword in the domain name

One of the influencing factors is the presence of your keyword in the domain name, as this increases the confidence of visitors, and thus increases Google’s confidence in your site, so it raises your site in the first results in the search engine.

Ranking of the keyword in the domain name

Also, the presence of the keyword at the beginning of the name greatly affects the trust and credibility, in other words the site whose keyword is at the beginning of the domain gives more confidence to visitors than the site where the word is located in the middle or at the end.

Domain lease term

Google’s algorithm takes the domain lease period factor as one of the factors affecting the legitimacy or credibility of the site, as the domain for a tenant for one year is considered less legitimate and credible than that of the tenant for 5 years.

The presence of the keyword in the sub-domain

The keyword must also be present in the Subdomain, as is the case in the main domain.

Domain history

One of the important factors in Google’s algorithm and affecting the ranking of your site is the history or previous record of the domain, so if it was previously used illegally or abusive in one way or another, this will in no way affect the ranking of your site.

EMD factor

One of the most important factors influenced by SEO and in the ranking of your site is the EMD factor, which measures the extent to which the domain name matches the content you provide. The more matched, the higher your site’s ranking in the search engine.

WhoIs factor

This factor is specific to the domain and its information. Such as, its name, registration date, owner and server name, and other information. There are many sayings regarding these points about showing or hiding them or about their importance. Our advice to you, if you have no purpose in hiding it, show it.

Domain ownership

If Google’s algorithm can determine the identity of the domain owner as a person who has a previous deal with Google or is classified as being on the Google blacklist, in this case it will undoubtedly block his site.

State extension

If you reserve a domain that includes a specific country code such as, (.., eg, .sy, .cn) this may give you priority of appearing and ranking within that country, but it may affect your ranking internationally or outside that country.

These were the domain-specific factors affecting SEO or the ranking of your site in the search engines, for sure there are many other factors that significantly affect the ranking. After you know about these factors, it remains for you to improve dealing with them so that you can lead your site to the first results in search engines.

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