9 steps for choosing a name for your business

9 steps for choosing a name for your business

Finding the right name for your project can be an important factor in its success. Choosing the wrong name may cause worse than failure to communicate with clients, as this may lead to insurmountable obstacles in the field of business and legal.
On the other hand, choosing a clear and strong name will help you very much in marketing your project or your brand.

Here are 12 helpful steps on how to come up with a catchy name for your startup:


1- Avoid difficult-to-spell names:

If it is difficult to spell the name of your business, it will be difficult for your potential clients when they search for your project on the Internet.
It is best to make the name simple and clear so that you do not have to correct it every time it is spoken or written incorrectly here or there.


2. Do not choose a limited name for your constantly expanding project:

Choosing a narrow-minded name may cause you many problems during the continuous development of your project.
Imagine if “Jeff Bezos” – the founder of Amazon – chose the name “OnlineBooks” for his company instead of Amazon!
Therefore, avoid limited and narrow names such as “wedding dresses in Damascus”, so as not to give limits to your project by choosing a name associated with a specific product or city.


3. Search for the name that you have chosen in the Internet:

Once you have chosen a name you like, do a search for the name that you have chosen, it is likely that someone else uses the same brand name, and although this will not be a major obstacle in your way to naming your project, it may make you hesitant in choosing it.


4. Get a .com domain for your business:

It is preferable to secure the domain “.com” for your business name rather than choosing other alternatives such as: (net, .org, .biz.) Or others, as customers tend to associate the .com name with businesses.
The name you want to reserve in the .com domain may be owned by someone else, but many domain owners are willing to sell the name at an affordable price.
You can check the availability of the domain name through certain sites such as:
GoDaddy.com or NetworkSolutions.com
If the name you are looking for is reserved by someone else, track its owner through the tool “Whois” on the previous two sites to see if he is willing to sell it.
It is also important to search for the name of your business on popular social sites such as: “Facebook”, “Twitter” and others, to attract more clients.


5- Use a name that has a meaning:

Ideally, choose a trade name that has a meaningful, positive, and relevant meaning to your business, then people can learn more details about your business through the brand name.
Names such as: Google, “Yahoo”, “Zapposs” ”and this type of attractive brand name will cost a lot to build a strong brand for it.
There are some examples of straightforward and simple domain names like OnlineTickets.com because it conveys the full meaning of a business and is useful for search engine purposes.


6. Search for the brand:

Search USPTO.gov to get an idea of ​​the potential to brand a good or service to trade name.


7. Make sure that the trade name is legally available:

Since it is possible that you want to organize your business as a company, you must do a search in the legal records to make sure that the trade name you have chosen does not match the name of another company previously registered, and if this name already exists, you may not be allowed to register it.


8. Make sure the name is attractive:

Certainly no one wants to choose a boring name for his project, but many attractive names may be far from the field of work that the project aims at, so choosing an attractive and relevant name for the field of work will make the project workers or employees of the company able to proudly mention their workplace, and it will make the trade name Scalable to the target audience.

9. Study the reactions to your brand:

Choose 5 or 100 trade names and list them among your trusted family and friends to get feedback. Also choose some people from the customer segment targeted by your project and ask them for their opinion, and make sure that the trade name you chose does not have negative connotations, for example when you choose “General Motors” The American name of her new car “Nova” did not know at the time that this name means “doesn’t go” in Spanish.
Make sure the name sounds nice if it’s said out loud.

Some names look pretty on paper, but they sound bad when said in loud noises, and make sure people can pronounce them correctly without being overwhelmed.

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