8 rules for choosing a domain name for your company

8 rules for choosing a domain name for your company

If you think that the site that provides high quality products, premium content, will be visited by users regardless of the domain (domain), then your belief is out of place!

There are hundreds of millions of domains on the Internet; So, before launching your own website, you should sail through an ocean crowded with competitors to choose the appropriate domain name for your business; Because it represents the main component of the site, which indicates your identity; So you have to be careful in choosing it.

The domain name is what gives your visitors a “first impression” of you online; Because your URL is the first thing your visitors will see, and it is the one that speaks for you.

In order to choose the right domain name for your startup, make sure to follow the following 8 rules:

Shortness and ease

A short domain name should be chosen and easy to write; To achieve spread on the Internet. Do not use colloquial language; Because it is difficult for customers to find; Thus you risk losing clients who might misspelling; So the first rule of thumb for choosing a domain name is to keep it short and simple.

Focus on your target market

Ensure that your domain helps your target market find your website; Alan Bullitt advises; CEO of Digital Instinct, to think about the keywords for the services offered on the site, their use in the domain name, and be among the keywords people enter when searching for your products or services; This improves your ranking in the search engines; Traffic increases.

Local domains will help if you care about a specific audience and try to make it easy for them to reach you within a specific country on Google, Pollitt adds. So choose the target region for the domain name.

You can also include your city or state in your domain name to make it easier to find and remember local customers for your domain.

Avoid numbers and symbols

Numbers and symbols are often misunderstood like “-”; Because people looking for your site’s address don’t know if you are using a number or hashtags like “-”.

Selection of New TLDs

“TLDs” enable you to choose a domain that ends with your business name; Google Domains support more than 200 new TLDs; So you can get:

. coffee, .band,. agency,. design, or more.

There is also a large selection of new generic top-level domains; Such as:

.app, and. photography, and. nyc, and. guru, which provides a great opportunity to score great short and relevant names.

And there are other top additions: Such as:

.CO is an abbreviation for Company, Commerce and Society.

.info informational sites.

.net Technical and Internet infrastructure sites.

.org Non-commercial and non-profit organizations

.biz commercial or for-profit use, such as e-commerce sites.

.me blogs, resumes or personal websites.

Social media suitability

Think carefully about the suitability of the domain name of your company’s website, to spread on social media; Jason Sanyo advises; Head of Marketing at Google said: “Think of a unique domain name that allows you to get audience keys on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.”

Use the domain name available for your business

Warren Digles suggests; The founder of Diggles Creative, to buy the domain name available now so as not to disrupt your business, to remain in the search for a suitable name for the domain, and then they are linked together or changed completely.

Unforgettable domain selection

There are millions of domain names registered; Therefore, you must have an attractive and memorable field. Once you come up with a name, consult your friends; To make sure it is attractive to others, while making sure that the name you choose is not trademarked, is not copyrighted, or used by another company.

Trademark protection

It’s a good idea to buy more than one domain to protect your brand; It is necessary to purchase all domain name extensions. It prevents competitors from registering other versions, and it ensures that your customers are directed to your website.

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