4 ways to convert clients into promoters of your brand

4 ways to convert clients into promoters of your brand

Today we will talk about one of the modern marketing concepts that we previously promised you to expand by explaining it: “Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates” or converting your customers into promoters of your products:

At a time when companies concentrate their orientation towards the desires of customers, competition between companies is increasing fiercely, and this makes forming a good impression on customers a very difficult task, as customers, in turn, have set difficult standards, raising the ceiling of their requirements that the products must fulfill in order to satisfy them.

If you want to make a good impression on your customers, then you have to do more than just provide quality products or provide trustworthy services, you must convert them into promoters!

But how can any company make its customers and clients the promoters of its brand?
Here are 44 unconventional ways to convert customers into promoters of your brand without them realizing:

1) Teach them to fish:

Prominent companies in the business world teach customers how to help themselves by following the ancient Chinese adage, “Don’t give me a fish, but teach me how to fish.” HubSpot provided a practical example of this. Although it is a marketing software company, what made it famous was not its software services. Rather, it publishes content directed to marketers and provides free materials and educational content for startups. Customers prefer this brand because it helps them, through its articles and blogs, to perform their jobs.

Smart brands understand the interests of customers and seek to identify the problems that customers suffer from that create obstacles in front of them and cause them frustration to work on solving them, and make sure that their service to their customers meets their stated and unspoken needs, and this explains why hundreds of thousands of marketers return to the HubSpot Blog every month to find out More about internet marketing, after years of hard work, the company has become a major resource for digital marketing thanks to its customers who praise the quality of its products and services.

2) Start a peaceful war:

Brave brands make themselves a hero in the eyes of their customers when they take bold action against injustice. For example, Eat24, the food delivery service, has waged a war against Facebook, publishing a message publicly criticizing them for forcing companies to pay for access – and painstakingly – to a restricted audience. .
People have shared the post on Facebook more than 30,000,000 times, and the incident was mentioned on a large number of media outlets, most notably The Wall Street Journal and CNN News, and the blog in which the message was published recorded more than 600 comments supporting the content of the message.
And although Eat24 did not win the war against Facebookk, it did earn the loyalty of a lot of customers.

3) To give incentives to your customers when they sell your products:

You will not be able to gain the loyalty of your customers through traditional and cliched marketing messages, instead make the time they will talk about your company worth it, and the Referral Program method is an easy way to achieve this. $ 25, the customer spreads this code among his friends to introduce them to the company, and this customer gets $ 25 for every purchase made through him, and by this, the two parties benefit, the company got higher sales, and customers reaped the benefits. But remember to make your offer valuable and tempting for everyone to look for, and avoid fraudulent techniques.

4) Expose your cards when you are weak:

No company or brand is perfect and all customers know that, most customers are forgiving, but your company will disappoint them when you fail to deal with catastrophic events quickly, with all transparency and diplomacy.

Brands that follow strict measures of customer happiness are the ones that win their loyalty and turn customers into enthusiastic promoters. Earlier this year, the software company Groove stopped services for 15 hours due to a technical glitch, which angered a large number of its loyal customers, and to calm the situation. The CEO of the company Alex Turnbull, what happened, while he was able to provide a ready response during the interruption of the company’s service, denying his company’s responsibility for the technical defect, he shared the details with credibility with the company’s customers, and this helped the company to gain customer confidence.

The way to convert your customers into promoters of your brand is to enhance their loyalty towards your company by gaining their satisfaction and interest in them and dealing with credibility and transparency with them even in moments of crisis or weakness, all of this will give your brand a good impression and give it steady support among customers and thus they will promote it by transferring their purchasing experiences Successful and good relationship with her to their friends and their surroundings.

Referral Program –

* It is a (unique) code that the company gives to the customer in exchange for $ 255, the customer invites his friends to buy from this company and gives them his own code, and when his friends buy from the company via this code, the customer (the owner of the code) gets $25 and thus the benefit is achieved for both parties

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